Alongside my love of card making I have an equal love of scrapbooking. I have made scrapbooks in various shapes and sizes for over 20 years, telling the story of our lives together as a family. It was my eldest daughters 21st birthday last year and I gave her her scrapbooks and it was quite an emotional time looking back over her childhood and remembering things we had forgotten and bits she never really knew. Scrapbooking is an excellent medium for this and something that doesn’t need to take ages to complete.

The first page above is part of a two pag layout using Stampin Up products to tell a story. We lived in Beijing for 4 years and whilst we were there we were very lucky to go on some amazing holidays. Our final holiday before we moved back to the UK was in Sipadan in Malaysia. It is a small island that is only accessible with a permit to dive. We dived with sharks, turtles and massive shoals of fish with a rainbow of colours. On this page I have written the memories onto vellum so that you can still see the paper below.

The second page is really just photos added, I wrote on the top photo as every time we went on the dive boat we had a specific saying which is what scrapbooking is all about, those little snippets of time. Looking at these pages instantly transports me back to what was a wonderful holiday and an amazing experience.

I will be back in with some different kinds of scrapbooking soon, designed especially for people who struggle with a large 12×12 piece of plain cardstock. I will also be running some scrapbooking classes on line if anyone is interested.

Until next time

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